Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stay Gold post 1

Here it is post #1....These photos belong to shop friend Tim Wagner...Thanks Tim..

This kid puked on the sidewalk in the signing line....nice one bro.We still love ya

Dan loves to talk and he loves it even more when there is a mic in his hands...
Who had best part?How you could decide I have no idea.The video is amazing.....Hope you all come in Sept.1st to pick up a copy.These guys worked to hard for you to just watch it on youtube..
Jon Miner did a great job.........
More to come...and Jeff has got some good photos too and Leo says that Jeffy is a big deal because he lives in New York.....


  1. These look amazing - it was an awesome event - I hope it raised a lot of $$. Can't wait to put the video on repeat - it was really really good, too.

  2. Good times. Thanks to Subsect and Emerica and most of all Heath Kirchart.