Monday, August 30, 2010

Dan's Stay Gold Update

the opening band"Young Grease" Impressive Line up
the aftermath.....Hardest working dudes at sole tech
your skatepark money
this sums up the whole weekend......Guess who this is and get a free Subsect/Spitfire tee

well i'm not even sure where the thank you list should begin or end....i mean how do you thank 400 people for all different reasons contributing in all different ways? do we start with how awesome kevin and his wife are? probably. kevin and guys rule as usual amazing cookies and all. should we talk about our fucking awesome employees sean and lisa? how about all of the hang arounds from deer hunter runnin' the grill, to justin regulating the crowd, bill and waters from sole tech working the entire god when does it end? how about dan koenig from ichi bike lending us those sick ass rides for the crew to cruise around the east village on? and the dudes from 87 central? garret hand delivering our shop shirts, amazing. jan hill, paul turner, everyone involved with getting the skatepark built on the corpo side. and how about herman and andrew reaching into their own pockets to give us cold hard cash for the park? damn. big ups to the boys and lovely barbaids of the the kung fu tap and taco!!!!! thanks jeff, fatty, john, maggie, and annie. i love al brown, just saying. i'm sure kever will be getting more photos and from the premier. the whole thing was awesome through and through. we always have a great time out there and this time was the best.
last but certainly not least....heath, words could never even scratch the surface of the thanks that the skate scene of des moines owes you.....but thank you anyway pal.
thanks for everything DSM and goodnight now.


  1. If this was facebook I would like this status

  2. i thinks its leo romero under the table.