Friday, September 28, 2012

Real+Subsect Pushing!

Not to long ago a kid asked me how we get to team up with companies to do our shop boards.He was mostly asking about this Real one that was coming.I didn't really have a answer.I said we called and asked,but he was looking for more then that.So then I started to tell him about when I was younger[which most old guys at shops will do] that when I would go some where for the first time I would look at peoples feet.Not because I didn't want to look them in the eye I wanted to see if they had signs of skating on there shoes.That was how I knew for sure they skated.I knew if they had the marks they were on my side.So I then told the kid that maybe it was like that for Real and us.We stared at each others shoes and figured out that we are on the same team.Team skateboarding.
 Most likely I confused the kid even more,but he left happy after he beat me in a game of skate. Just remember to enjoy skateboarding.

Thank you everyone at Real for letting us be apart of it.
To check out more pushing click Real skateboards
and check out DLXSF daily

Boards come in size 8,8.25,8.38
To kick it off the crew went out for a couple nights to have some fun Pushing.
Thanks to Kyle Jordan for filming and editing.

Subsect/Real Pushing from subsect skateshop on Vimeo.

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