Friday, July 13, 2012

2 Year Party! Summer of Schnell!

Saturday July 21st is a big day.From 4-7 at Subsect we will be hosting the kick off to the fundraising for the Des Moines Regional Skatepark.This will be bigger and better then the sneak peak we did a few months ago.You will get a good idea of what obstacles will be in the park.We need all skateboarders,parents,and any one that wants to see this park happen here.You will get to see detailed plans of the park.There will be snacks and this will be a great time to show this city how much we want this park.
 An then at 8pm [after we kicked all the little bros out] it is time to party.It's been 2 years since we made the big move and we want to get loose.The party will start at 8pm and go until 10pm with free beer and a photo both.Then we will help you get to Americana where DJ eight ten will be playing the jams and Americana serving you the drinks[there will be a couple drink specials].Be here to have fun with us.Invite all your friends,sisters,moms,dads,and grandma.As long as they are over 21 and they can keep up,we want them here.

Subsect is not responsible for your girlfriend/boyfriend leaving with someone else.Rob Braun giving you a black eye because he gets loose on dance floor.If you wake up in another State.If a dance off happens and you don't win[if Rob is dancing you won't].If Kevin rips your shirt off[Schnell this is for you].If Kristy bites or grabs an already existing wound.Frost bite. Losing your shoes or car or your mind.

Show have some fun.We love that you guys support us, so let us show you some love back.

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