Thursday, May 24, 2012

We are down.

It's nice to be a skate board shop that has skateboarders working it.We can pick and choose who we want to work with.Well DLX is one of the companies that we are backing. For one they have great stuff.Second, they are showing support to amazing skateboarders.An third, they have are backs so we can have yours.There are actually a lot more reasons,but I hate writing this stuff.
Boards?We got them.Anti-Hero,Krooked,Real.We are backing them all.
Spitfire wheels all shapes and all sizes.Wax,they got you covered.Bearings they got you.
Thunder trucks,covered.145,147,149,all silver,all colors,lights.
venture,got them.

So DLX is a brand that we keep well stocked on.They have are backs so we can have yours.
Make sure you check there site daily here

We had some fun with the boxes that they ship there boards in at the last Skate South late skate.

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