Sunday, April 1, 2012

Big Day

Where to start? This weekend was truly unbelievable in every way. Starting with the unveiling of the skatepark plans that included a group singalong, unbelievable. And how good was Jeff's photo display in the front window, brilliant. KRISTY(who celebrated her 15th year dating anniversary w/Kever, where in a burst of excitement I called Kristy "lisa" excitable idiot gone bad sorry KRISTY), NOT LISA'S, cookies made from scratch for the boys and every lucky s.o.b. that got there paws on them, amazing. The preparty at the shop went off and we couldn't have been more stoked, double stoked. Polaroid show? fuckin forget about it! AND LAST but certainly not least the FLIPPIN' DANCE OFF at Pressure Drop killed!!!!!! It absolutely killed.

As I was rotting in the Dallas airport this morning on my tearful layover I felt like I was shooting a scene from the movie Almost Famous, "no buddy wants to go home, no buddy wants the party to end."

thank you Des Moines you keep the young in me young. But I think Leo says it best:


me too little buddy, me too.

- Dan

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