Monday, August 8, 2011

Vans/Spitfire Contest!!!

Some time back we got picked to be in this Vans/ Spitfire contest.They gave us some money to build a spot.Only 5 shops got picked.An the other shops are very good,well known shops.So to be involved is pretty cool.Any ways we got the crew together and went to town.Finding a good spot to get away with this was not an easy task.We found one spot that we thought would be perfect.Spent a whole day cleaning it an making plans.Then when we went back to start building we got denied.So back to looking.We then found a spot an went back at it.The people that lived by it seemed cool an was all for it.Then we realized that this one spot was not gonna be enough.So we found another.
As some of you know the 1st spot got demolished after 3 weeks,but spot 2 is still a go.Remember that it is only skateable after 6pm during the week.Keep it clean and lets hope it last.
This contest lit a fire for us and we hope that fire spreads.Lets stop saying there are no spots in Des Moines and lets start making them..

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