Monday, June 20, 2011

Emerica is Killing It....Duh

To thank you for coming we hooked it up...
If you showed up you got to see some future new colorways....Everyone loves a sneek peek
Emerica hooked it up with free pizza.Those guys come through for us over and over again...
Notice Heath is showing you who is number one....
Leo is always down to come hangout at Subsect...I love this guy and you should Leo love by buying his shoe and his board..
Bro time all the time

Wino and the Wino Mid..
Westgate.....Have you seen this kid skate?

Reynolds cruiser in the classic black/white or purple/white
Reynolds can't go wrong with this shoe

The Leo....This is an updated version of Leo's 1st shoe.Super good.An lets not forget how much love Leo has shown Des Moines....

Hsu 2 Fusion.This new shoe from Emerica is AWESOME...This makes for a super good mid top shoe.
The Hobo..Emerica is killing it on the Chill Seekers.Super cheap.

3 new colors of the G-Code
China Flat Toy/Ed collab
Dan at Shawnee.

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