Friday, May 27, 2011

A post from Upper Management

kever's at his wits end with the talent in our company. we've tried to provide a quality skateboarding experience for our team with spots, product, video opportunity, traveling up to that 3rd lair deal, hometown heroes, BUT.....well due to lack of enthusiam, overall production, complacency, and "the pot" our subsect team has been decimated......which leads us to sunny point number two, does ANYONE want to ride for the shop? we'll be having try outs at the eastside park with jerry and leo to help us pick out the new squad.
this is not a joke.
just because you don't have the best style in town, tyler sloan, doesn't mean you can't get free shoes from etnies and skate in nikes. or who cares if you can't switch heel ethan allen...i mean who can? oh yeah scotty did that a lifetime ago, nevermind. and what can i make fun of chris schnell for i mean he already cut off those horrible, horrible dreads thank you little buddy. then there's the good looking kid who's moving away right after getting on the team, damn you g-puck.
ok we already have the gnarliest dudes in town so maybe we don't need a new team.....maybe.
seriously, get your shit together and go build the spots for the vans contest or we're gonna look like idiots. see you in a week.
-subsect upper management

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  1. Hahahaa...Crack the whip. This old guy will be at 6.43737 kilometer park next week. ;)