Friday, May 13, 2011

Emerica friends are coming,and lots of new stuff

Well we are gonna be having a little 5 year[since Heath,Dan,an Jeff have owned it]party Friday June 3rd.An Jerry Hsu and Leo Romero will be hanging out at the shop.We are gonna have free grub on the grill.All Emerica gear and shoes will be 15% off ans we will be having another sample sale.Make sure you come to the shop so you can find out what park we are gonna hang and skate after the shop....Be here to hang with these dudes...{I stole this pic from Jerry's blog you should check it out..
More Shake Junt grip and Deathwish earbuds are back instock..We did get more Grizzly grip too.
New Deathwish boards and tees.We have been selling lots of 3/4 tee,so we got a bunch more new ones from Indy,Shake Junt,Chocolate...
The China Flat from Emerica...Some new colors of the Wino....ONLY 35$

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