Monday, April 18, 2011

Subsect/Vans Gnarbecue Weekend

we like to support the brands that support us.An Vans came through like a champ.When I told our rep that our good friend Al Brown who is in the band Gorilla Biscuits had a shoe coming out on Vans an would like to throw a party he said"cool lets do it".Then Chrissy at Domestica said she was down to help and she is awesome,so bam.She helped us with the free beer for all.An came up with the raffle for the skatepark.Which we made 100$..Ichi showed the love.An then Beachwood showed the love.It is rad having good neighbors who all do cool things
it took us like an hour to pack up each gift bag.I could not get over how much Vans stuff we gave away.So rad of Vans to do this for us.An our Rep Bob for being the stand up dude..
Rep flow Vans rider Chris Schnell would do the trick and kids would try it
We got hooked up with so much Vans goodies we had the kids at Saylor do some tricks to earn bags filled with goodies
some happy kids at Saylor
we wanted to have the grill up front,but once again the wind did not work with us
The man of the hour...Al Brown showing of his shoe
people had a good time hanging out and looking at the new stuff from Vans.
The sheriff held it down.We made sure he got his Vans gear and filled up his belly
Bob hooked up the deerhunter
The grill master.Always done to run the grill.Cory looks a little to happy here
the grill station...Bob from Vans bought all the food.So thank him by buying a pair of Vans from us so I have to buy more from him

we wanted to do more with skating,but the wind did not want us too.Steven made the best of it and won some shoes..
These guys killed it.
The Beachwood let us do up the bar in Vans stuff.Then Chrissy at Domestica had the good idea of selling it to the highest bidder with the money going to the skatepark....Which peeps got stoked on....
these dudes watched you pee.Had a lot of girls ask if they could have these at the end of the night
the stickers got used
good times...
things got wild
this guy had no luck with the ladies due to David.
Diana mad the switch from her DC Kalis to the waffle sole
Girl talk.....
Lovely Lisa and of course David was there for free beer.

Thanks to everyone that came out.Big thanks to Domestica [Chrissy] for being apart and helping.The Beachwood Lounge for putting up with us. Ichi Bike and of course Vans and Bob Elmergreen our Vans rep for hooking it up.

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