Monday, December 20, 2010

Stocking Stuffers

Here are some nice ideas for that fun stocking stuffer.Subsect Hats
Good choice on new skate videos...
Socks or gloves
Still a lot of beanies left
headphones and sunglasses
tons and tons of Spitfire wheels....we do carry other wheels too.Ricta,OJ,Hubba,Autobaun,and Pig

Not that a board would fit into your stocking,but just wanted to remind you that we always have a 150 decks on the wall and a ton more in the back.Alien Workshop,DGK,Skate Mental,Girl,Chocolate,Zero,Mystery,Slave,Toy Machine,Krooked,Anti-Hero,Real,Deathwish,Baker,Plan B,Black Label,Zoo York,Creature and there is a ton more we can order you....

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