Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holy Crap the Holidays are here!!!!

Well kids it's that time of year...Xmas time! An the shop is full of tons of new product.Tons of beanies with or without balls on top.Tons of t-shirts,pants,hoodies,and shoes.So much stuff we don't know where to put it all.We have stuck somethings on sale just to make room.Start making your gift list now...If you want you can make a list and stick your name on it,email it to We will keep so when your mom comes in we can tell her what you want.
Stop down and see it all for yourself...Who knows when I'm gonna get the call from Heath or Jeff telling me to send it all back,because me and Dan spent too much money on trying to get you kids looking better.[it's usually more Dan's fault then mine].....
So many beanies
Tons of tee's from all the companies that we are down for..Emerica,Altamont,ES,Etnies,Girl,Spitfire,Fourstar,Matix,and so much more
Lots of new Flannels.....

Tons of pants

Hell yea,Heath still gots pants

Sweaters to make you look good

Let your parents know that we will have a big Black Friday sale at the shop....More on that soon.An we hope you have been keeping up with Heath and Jeff's bike ride across America.The are almost all done..Check it out here

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