Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lots of new and lots of news

Looking for shoes?We got them...
Vans Era Pro has been a hot one...
New colors of the Square yes Andy Mac that is the Sk8Mafia colorway
First Blood....Bobby Worrest me after you see the new Krooked video you will want a pair.
The Situation and the Jinx
Hsu new colors
Romero 2....An you know how much we love Leo
Leo black/gum is truly the best colorway ever
Reynolds 3
Reynolds classic
and the reynolds cruiser....
Let's face it,at any moment we are gonna get dumped with snow so you are gonna need some shades
Stay Gold Shake Junt bearings....
So last night I surprised the crew with the Krooked 3D video and it is so good.Should be in the shop next week and well worth a trip to the shop.An when you buy the DVD you get 5$ off a Krooked board good for one month...
the bros were STOKED....
Yes we did turn off all the lights and watched it on the big screen
Then on Monday the 18th we had a little premier party for the new Habitat video...Grilled Hotdogs and had are selfs a good little time.
Jon got there early.....

I think Deerhunter is the offical grill master for us
one of are useless shop riders...We can always count on Chris to show up to the party,it's the skateboarding that he has troubles with
Kids are bring dates?This shows how much older I am because this would of never happened when I was his age

Yo,Jake D.Your dad started training at the ramp....He wants a father son battle..You in?

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