Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall Gear

Bryan Herman's Altamont thermal lined flannel..No Logo Altamont crew sweatshirt
Thrasher pull over hoodie
Etnies zip up hoodie nice and thick
Es fleece lined zip up hoodie
Bobby Worrest Es jacket
Altamont Smash Flannel with buttons and a zipper

we got more Emerica hoodies...We know how much you guys are loving Emerica right now.An after watching Stay Gold every day how could we blame you......Those guys killed it and come back to Des Moines all the time,so keep that in mind next time you are buying shoes
New colorway of the MJ2 and the Mike Mo/Girl collab shoe
Classic colorway for a classic shoes
We are selling the crap out of beanies right now so get here soon
with winter slowly creeping on us we got these Spitfire/Protec helmets in for you kids under 18 and have to wear your helmet at Saylor..........
Skate South has new Saturday hours 8pm-11pm and if you wear a Subsect tee or a Subsect board you get 2$ off more new hours coming in October.........

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