Saturday, July 31, 2010


This is your chance to see the Emerica video "Stay Gold" with the entire Emerica team 10 days before the video is for sale. Unless your driving to Los Angeles or New York, this is the only other stop the video is being shown in the USA before the September 1st release date. The video will be shown on a massive inflatable screen outside our shop at 309 E Walnut st Des Moines IA 50309. Walnut street will be closed down between 3rd and 4th streets and the event will be free to all with the exception of 200 seats that will be set up for those who want the best view and want to donate $5 to the Des Moines Regional Skatepark fund. We are using this premiere as a vehicle for the skateboarders to start fundraising for the Des Moines Regional skatepark. Tickets for the seats will go on sale this Friday at Subsect. The Emerica team will be doing an instore signing at 5pm before the premiere. We don't want to hear how you had to go to work, so start finding someone to take over you shift now. More info coming.........

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